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I wish to share with you a few of my life’s tragic experiences which I wouldn’t have been able to get over come without Mr. Vasile Bologan’s help. In October of 2003, I’ve experienced the loss of a very dear person, a very close cousin, who was not only a very good friend but like a younger brother to me. His death left me with a hole in my soul and great pain. I hadn’t expressed my feelings of pain in front of anyone, maybe because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be understood. I’ve kept this pain all to myself and that’s how I got sick. I went to lots of doctors, I spent a lot of money (some of their recommendations were totally unfit) and I was feeling worse every day. I wasn’t feeling like myself anymore, I couldn’t sleep at night, I was permanently afraid of everything around me. I was afraid to live, my life had no sense anymore. This is the state I was in when I met Mr. Vasile Bologan, who was recommended to me by a friend. Now I must confess - I didn’t have faith that someone could help me get back to normal, so I didn’t think Mr. Vasile Bologan would be able to succeed. But he talked to me for 4 hours and the fact that made me trust him in the first place was that he told me from the beginning something that only I knew: that I wasn’t myself anymore, that I was like a stone, that I wasn’t living I was existing. He warned me that my entire body was affected by negative energy. That day, I had the most difficult experience of my life. During the next few months, my life got gradually back on track. I could sleep, I could regain my peace, I could work and live. Mr. Bologan gave me back my life even though I didn’t believe such a thing would be possible. Now I feel OK and I thank God for bringing Mr. Vasile Bologan into my life, as he made me whole again, by the gift that only God has endowed him with.

—C.M., Bucharest, Romania.


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